Nautical Torque Technology

Management Team

Cahill Maloney
Inventor and Founder

Cahill Maloney lived a life outside the box, and worked primarily as a sign painter and commercial artist. He also was an inventor, writer, professional athlete, a traveler and an entrepreneur. His experience in mechanics and engineering led to the discovery and early development of nautical torque. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with late stage stomach cancer in late 2012 and passed away a month later. During his illness, and upon his deathbed, he maintained his belief that nautical torque could and would change the world.


Galen Maloney

Vice President and CoFounder

BA Political Science / Philosophy
University of California, Davis 1999
A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, Davis in 1999 with degrees in Political Science and Philosophy and a certification in Permaculture Sustainable Design Systems. Galen has worked in education, community organizing, journalism, politics, environmental education, and as an entrepreneur. These experiences combined with travels in Asia, Europe, South America and Central America give him the ability to see the big picture, work with people of all persuasions and mindsets, and provide strategic planning. His experience in the education field working with youth make him particularly adept at managing, coordinating and facilitating the various parties that will be involved in the development and commercialization of nautical torque technology. He is in charge of obtaining seed stage funding, business development, strategic planning and marketing.


Peter Collins
Vice President of Research and Development
General Contractor / Project Manager

Peter Collins brings years of practical experience in construction, engineering, and co generation designs. He is the current expert on nautical torque technology, having helped the inventor Cahill Maloney build the proofs of concepts over the past 3 years. Peter will oversee acquisition of parts and assembly of the various prototypes, coordinate testing, and contribute to strategic planning, marketing and outreach.


We are currently seeking to add to our management team.