Nautical Torque Technology


Nautical Torque Technology develops innovative methods and equipment that produce continuous renewable electricity for the wholesale market. We seek to bring positive change to society by commercializing our technology, which will address the shortcomings of current renewables and allow society to transition away from fossil fuel and nuclear based electricity production.


Based out of San Francisco, CA, we are a clean-tech start-up with a patented process that takes advantage of the energy potential in large particles of slow moving mass (LPSMs). LPSMs in the form of large ships and barges move up and down every day with the incoming and outgoing tides. Our process utilizes the lifting capacity of water rather than the actual force of the water as in tidal and wave power. Inventor and founder, Cahill Maloney, developed the concept over 10 years and we are continuing his work. Currently we are continuing to develop our prototypes and market strategy, and have started the  process of registering as a Delaware C-Corporation, forming a management team and a Board of Advisors.


Our initial milestone is the development of a single cylinder microdam prototype in order to demonstrate the scalability of the technology. This prototype will simulate tidal variations and demonstrate the energy potential of LPSMs. The evidence and data gained from the prototype will allow us to secure funding for business development and patent filing in foreign markets. We will then partner with engineering and utility companies to construct utility scale prototypes for a variety of applications of our technology including the seaside tidal and land-locked Micro-dam™ versions of Nautical Torque.